International cooperation in criminal matters

Among the many challenges of globalization, international security in criminal matters, respect for universal values, and interstate communication to prevent the dangers to society and to facilitate the punishment of offenders hold an utmost importance (in loc de to make it easier for offenders to take on the world stage is one place.

European criminal law

At the Union level, the last decades have meant a quantitative but especially qualitative enrichment of criminal legislation, the tendency being achieved by adopting unitary acts that respect both the rich European legal history and the fundamental principles on which the Union is founded. By reflecting on these aspects, through its critical and current contribution and vision, the Institute reaffirms its membership of the European legal tradition.

Criminal Investigations

Multidisciplinary science requiring multiple specializations, forensics is now an essential branch of the criminal field that supports it through advanced investigation techniques and methods. With the objective of improving the specific survey methodology, the Institute wishes to encourage the study of this branch by improving forensic practices and the experience of professionals in the field.

Toxicology and legal medicine

Being an area with a high degree of complexity due to the scientific-medical specificity, the Institute adopts in this regard a strategy of training and professionalisation in order to increase the performance of the specialized personnel. To achieve this goal, the Institute has a toxicology and legal medicine lab where it carries out teaching, research and academic activities.

International law, diplomacy and international organizations

The states, which historically have been almost the only actors on the international stage, have been joined in the past two centuries by a growing number of international entities that, by their very nature, support the work of the world community for the purpose of peaceful long-term co-operation and duration to achieve common interests.

International security and relations

In an effort to balance the imperatives of civil liberties and the need for state security, the Institute expresses its constant concern about the dynamics of international relations, particularly in the sphere of security, with the objective to know and understand socio-economic phenomena, to strengthen the security of the logistics chain and to contribute to applied research in the field.

Cross-border cooperation and regional development

The Institute is naturally interested in the geo-strategic importance of the euro-region "Lower Danube", a point of contact between the interests of the European Union states and those of the Danube basin and the Black Sea region. It is necessary in this context to set out common socio-economic interests by establishing a cooperation strategy that can bring benefits to all states involved in this relational process.

Combating cybercrime

With increasing dependence on technology, the risks inherent in its malfunctioning due to cyber attacks can cause significant damage to society. The cybercrime, and its combat, has gained a special attention from the entire world community, being a priority of the specialized institutions and also an area of ​​study of the Institute, which wants through the advanced research to contribute to the prevention of cybercrime.