Inauguration of the Centre for International Studies and Human Rights

On 28 October 2016 under the aegis of the Cross-Border Institute of International Studies and Criminal Justice (CBIISCJ) from "Dunărea de Jos" University of Galați, was held the opening ceremony of the Centre for International Studies and Human Rights (CISHR), which aims, mainly, at the organization of round tables, conferences and scientific sessions; the creation of an international research journal; the establishment of partnerships with similar specialized institutes and universities in the EU and outside the EU;

Through these actions, the CISHR aims to develop cooperation between academic research and practitioners in the aforementioned areas destined to determining a concept of transnational multidisciplinary research.

On the same day, the first issue of Cross Border Journal for International Studies (CBJIS), published by Triton Printing House of Bucharest, was launched. Following a transnational multidisciplinary research approach, the Cross-Border Journal of International Studies is a transdisciplinary approach, which can be achieved by tackling neuralgic points of cross-border cooperation in the globalized international society, aiming to analyze a series of issues specific to the area and the EU external border region. Also, considering the new types of regional challenges, CBJIS will closely follow a holistic approach to security and international studies, from all perspectives of the international cooperation dynamics (legal, political, economic and military).