Carl Amirgulashvili has an educational background in biology and holds a master degree in regional development and natural resources management. In the year 2000 he founded the Non-Governmental Organization “Nature Friends of Georgia” and was the executive director of this NGO until 2007. During this time, he was responsible for the coordination of projects to enhance the protection of the environment in the country.

During 2013-2016, Mr. Amirgulashvili held the position of the Head of Forest Policy Service at the Ministry of Environmental and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia. His responsibilities accounted for the organization and coordination of the Forest Sector Reform process in Georgia and  especially the involvement of all concerned stakeholders in the frame of the National Forest Program process, the drafting of the new Forest Code and the development of national Principles, Criteria and Indicators for the Sustainable Forest Management of Georgian forests.

In 2016 the Forest Policy Service was merged with the Biodiversity Protection Service under the new department “Biodiversity and Forest Policy”. Mr. Amirgulashvili was appointed as the head of this department. In 2018, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection and the Ministry of Agriculture merged into the new Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture, the department was renamed into “Biodiversity and Forestry Department”.

The aim of the department is to introduce a fully-fledged system of sustainable management of biodiversity and forestry in Georgia that will incorporate and address environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainable development.

The work of Mr. Amirgulashviliis focused on developing the national policies, strategies and related action plans for biodiversity, forestry, game management, fishery, and protected areas. Moreover, he coordinates the implementation and fulfillment of international obligations at the national level in the field of Biodiversity protection. It should be emphasized that he has a crucial role in the coordination of the Emerald Network (for EU countries - Natura 2000) establishment process in Georgia and ensurs that all obligations under the Bern Convention are fulfilled at the national level. 

In the frame of his work, Mr. Amirgulashvili has been working together with various international and national organizations dealing with transboundary environmental issues in the South Caucasus region.