Speaker Eric ROCHARD 

PhD in Rennes University

Habilitation to supervise research (HDR) in Toulouse University.

Senior research scientist in Irstea (French National Research Institute in Sciences and Technologies for Environment and Agriculture), head of Aquatic Ecosystems and Global Changes research unit in Bordeaux (60-80 people).  http://www.irstea.fr/en/research/research-units/eabx

My researches are in fish ecology and biological conservation with a strong focus on diadromous migratory species in temperate regions worldwide. I have a specific expertise on most European and North American Atlantic diadromous species (shads, sturgeons, lampreys, eels, flounders, mullets, smelts…).

In the past I did a lot of works on migration and population dynamics of these species. At the moment I focus my works on the ecological responses of diadromous species to three main drivers: climate change, fragmentation of habitats and contamination. I address these questions at different scales from experiments on individuals (next Phd thesis on the effect of environmental contamination on shad’s embryos) to modeling their distribution according to scenarios.

I am involved in several fish recovery plans and I have been coordinating researches to support the French European sturgeon action plan.